Welcome to the Family Forge- Join 5K Challenge - Free online English during Covid 19 Outbreak

The Family Forge is a registered charity based in Skelmersdale on the edge of the Merseyside Region . Today, as in the past, Skelmersdale houses many people from the North Merseyside conurbations . Skelmersdale also houses a share of the regions' allocation of asylum seekers and refugees. Currently it is with these refugees and asylum seekers that we work. This group forms the area's newest residents. Residents who face multiple barriers to prosperity and opportunity.

This group includes people from many nationalities, cultures and religions.It include families, married and single men and women.

Often asylum seekers have fled from genocide, war, persecution or other situation of forced migration.The Family Forge recognises the human rights of all individuals and seeks to assist every person that passes through the centre to travel 'From Fear to Confidence' in all ways. The Family Forge offers refugees and asylum seekers a place of welcome, friendship and support. But also the skills necessary to establish and flourish in their new home.Click here to join our mailing list.

Specifically we offer this support through drop in services, culture and citizenship activities and a variety of classes. Classes include streamed English language from beginners to advanced with Ielts practise if necessary; maths, online driving theory, online food safety , CV development, job hunting, culinary and family topics. This is all done free of charge. Practical assistance is also provided for refugee families when needed.

Additionally tutoring in Maths, English and modern foreign languages is available at the Life Skills Centre to any member of the local community to GCSE level.