From Fear To Confidence

Assist with our revenue costs or specific programmes e.g. ESOL, driving, maths, Food safety, work preparation,NFP or family initiatives , cultural programmes or Help to Rent fund.

The Family Forge needs funds constantly to continue its work with individuals and families particularly within the asylum and refugee communities but also the local community in Skelmersdale.Unrestricted funds are particularly needed to cover revenue costs such as rent and utility bills or to cope with the unexpected. Further to this funds are required for the expansion of our work.

The Help to Rent fund

This is a scheme to assist newly validated refugees access affordable accommodation.

Refugees are starting to rebuild their lives from scratch after an experience of forced migration. They have no savings. Often they must send money to family back home. When they receive their Leave to Remain decision they have 4 weeks to open a bank account, make appointments at the job centre, find a job or claim universal credit and find accommodation. After this time they are evicted from the government contracted accommodation if they have not left. Universal credit payments are paid in arrears. The first payment only being received 5 weeks after all the paperwork is complete. Delays in the opening of bank accounts and other procedures may delay this payment still further.

Added to this private landlords may or may not like to take on a universal credit claimant. Deposits are often required which asylum seekers cannot save on £5 /day allowances. This forces refugees into a period of destitution. They often end up sleeping on the floor in a friend's room. The rental markets too are often crowded with too many chasing too few properties of the right sort for refugees. Refugees are confined to sharing Houses of Multiple Occupation. Students vie for the same kind of properties as refugees. This makes the transition to independence very difficult, even for those refugees lucky enough to find a job and earn straight away.

Preparations are underway to provide accommodation for refugees who find themselves in this position.

Both large and small donations are also needed for the expansion of our work with families and the purchase of a large premises that would be suitable for the demands of mothers and children. Our current facilities limit our work.

Lowes barn

    NEW Family Centre Fund TARGET £1.1m

    £1.1million is the amount to be raised to purchase a property, refurbish and equip it with all the necessary offices, classrooms, play equipment and facilities.

    A property is required which can:

    • facilitate two large classrooms with smaller rooms for small group and office space
    • house the installation of a soft play area for childcare purposes
    • offer small scale accommodation to cater for short residential learning programmes to take place
    • provide adequate parking
    • and inspire to aspire


  • Property purchase £1.1 m
  • including-Full planning consent for change of use £385
  • Legal Fees £1500
  • Valuation Fees £1000
  • Arrangement Fees £14,500
  • Refurbishment fees
  • Soft Play equipment including installation and delivery £45,000
  • Mini Bus £13,500
  • Cash Flow and Contingency (furniture and the unforeseen) £50,000
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      Contact us is you wish further details of our plans.

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