The Family Forge needs a centre of its own to be able to cater effectively for many children and expand its educational work with parents. A suitable property has been found and plans to sustain a 70% mortgage are being undertaken. This leaves 30% of the market value still to find plus an amount to assist with equipping and start up costs.


TARGET £560,885

£560,885 is the outstanding amount to be raised to purchase a property, refurbish and equip it with all the necessary play equipment and facilities.

The plans are to purchase a property which has:

  • character to attract families
  • a view conducive to a relaxing environment
  • adequate parking
  • a barn for the installation of a soft play centre and is able to house training rooms
  • the ability to offer small scale accommodation to cater for around 10 couples on courses away from home or self catering accommodation for families
  • has or can be fitted with a renewable energy source to keep operating costs low


  • additional loan requirement £435,000
  • full planning consent for change of use £385
  • Legal Fees £1500
  • Valuation Fees £1000
  • Arrangement Fees £14,500
  • Soft Play equipment including installation and delivery £45,000
  • Mini Bus £13,500
  • Cash Flow and Contingency (furniture and the unforeseen) £50,000
    • Contact us for a copy of our full business plan to see the sustainability of this project.

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