About Us

The Family Forge is a registered charity no. 1161900. It was established by Jocelyn Owens and registered with the Charity Commission in May 2015. Established to educate in personal and family development the trustees seek to create a culture where individuals are valued for themselves and in their unique purpose.Programmes offered take account of the need for the development of the whole person in all aspects of life.These include physical needs, social needs, intellectual needs,cultural needs and questioning existential needs and beliefs. Currently working to assist asylum seekers and refugee families in practical ways from a small office/classroom suite in Skelmersdale, The Family Forge seeks a larger premises from which to offer improved services to families.


' Whole person development together with couple development assists a family to thrive.'

Workshops and classes

Classes and workshops can therefore include diverse topics such as:

  • core subjects education such as Maths and English
  • life skills education such as driving or job related education
  • Health and fitness
  • Michael

  • Home making skills including cooking and DIY
  • Fashion
  • Child development and teaching self mastery
  • Family and Relationship building
  • Vocations and purpose
  • 3tutors1

  • Time and money matters
  • Cultural activities
  • Citizenship and Community responsibility
  • The nature and development of spirituality