About Us

This section of the website contains a brief explanation of the important aspects of the work of the Family Forge and all the official documents that guide its operation. For example, you can learn more about our exciting future plans for a Family Centre.

You can also access the Family Forge's constitution detailing the aims of the Family Forge, how it is governed and how decisions are made. If you are interested please do take a look. For your information a special mention is made here of our safeguarding, whistle blowing and data protection policies.

The Family Forge's Mission

The Family Forge is a new organisation established to support family life.

It aims to do this by establishing innovative family centres, as well as providing resource materials and educational opportunities that parents may find useful. For example, the Family Forge aims to offer web-based distance learning programmes; DVDs; publications; and workshops in diverse topics to enhance the practical skills and knowledge that are required in developing and managing a thriving family. The centres will be equipped with soft play and outdoor play facilities to provide respite for parents from the energetic demands of their children together with facilities for the workshops and seminars.


Whole person development together with couple development is the key to a thriving family.

Workshops and classes

Workshops and classes are carefully chosen to enhance the personal development of all family members or to develop couples. A whole person development model is used. This approach acknowledges that a person has 5 dimensions that require development in order for a person to fulfill his/her potential. The 5 dimensions of the person are the:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Cultural and
  • Spiritual capacities.

This is derived from the fact that each person has a body, does not live in isolation, has a brain, influences and is influenced by the society in which he lives and seeks the meaning of existence and lives according to his conclusions in this area.

Classes and workshops therefore include elements of diverse topics such as:

  • Health and fitness
  • Cooking skills
  • Home making skills
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Child development
  • Relationship building
  • The vocation to work
  • Time and money matters
  • Enrichment activities of all kinds
  • Community responsibility
  • The nature and development of spirituality