Life in the UK

Here you can access a range of videos to understand more about Life in the UK and what has influenced its development as we know it today; as well as discovering the vestiges and hidden treasures of the past still visible in the countryside and in the towns and cities of Britain. There is also a small number of audio books to assist you to learn English. This section is still under development.

Resource Item Description
1 Life in the UK series-Understanding the UK The first of a series of MP4s for asylum seekers, migrants, students, or indeed anybody who desires to learn about the life and history of the UK. It is particularly useful for those seeking citizenship. In particular, this MP4 introduces the UK's political union.
2 Life in the UK series-Early Britain Britain was not always an island. Learn about the way of life of early Stone Age peoples who lived in Britain and start recognising features they left in the countryside that can still be seen today. Great monuments like Stonehenge and villages like Skara Brae.
3 Life in the UK series-Bronze age and Iron Age Britain This short MP4 video concerning the Bronze and Iron ages describes the early influences that affected development in the UK in terms of systems to facilitate trading- the making of coins, the language basis- Celt and geography - round barrows and hill forts.
4 life in the UK Series-The Romans This video tells the story of how the vestiges of Roman civilisation came to be left in UK culture.
5 Life in the UK series-The Anglo Saxons A video about the Anglo Saxon period in particular the beginnings of a British national identity through the establishment of Christianity within the UK.
6 Life in the UK series The Vikings Learn how Viking attacks forced small Anglo Saxon kingdoms to unite under King Alfred the Great paving the way for a single monarch of England whilst Pictish kings united under Kenneth Mac Alpine to form Scotland.
7 Life in the UK series The Norman Conquest The Conquest of England by William the Conqueror and the lasting legacy of the Normans in England.
8 Life in the UK The Middle Ages part 1 The battles for territory within the kingdoms of Wales, Scotland and Ireland under the Normans sheds light on today's Welsh, Scottish and Irish nationalistic feelings. Tensions between the nations traced back through history.
9 Life in the UK The Middle Ages Part 2 External wars in the Norman period Anglo Norman involvement in battles over the Holy land from 1096 and the English - French connection.
10 Life in the UK series The Middle Ages Part 3 The war of the Roses From William the Conqueror through to Henry VII this video looks at the kings of Norman England and their legitimacy? The old Duchies still playing their part in British life today.
11 Life in the UK series Medieval period part 4 The important and lasting influences of the Normans Discover how Britain's infant democracy began, how a pandemic rages through the country and the English developed.
Entry level 1 Hello I'm Murat Adult Literacy or Esol reader for a beginner. Listen to a Turkish migrant introducing himself and follow the words.
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